Where is the classroom located?
The class is located in Alamo Heights United Methodist Church, 825 E. Basse Road in Room W 105. Approach the church from the Treeline Park access on the west side and enter through the door by the parking lot. The classroom will be the second room on the right.

What do I need to bring to class the first night?
Bring a pencil, pen, and a calculator with which you are familiar, preferably the one you use in your school setting. It is recommended that you also bring a notebook for note taking. Hamby Associates will provide the SAT and ACT workbooks. Bring all materials to each class as the instructors will not have extra materials.

How is the class structured?
The course is presented by professional teachers who have expertise in verbal and math subject matter.  Each class will be divided into two sections with a ten-minute break in between during which snacks will be available. Ordinarily the verbal review will be first with the math review following the break. On the first evening, however, Mr. Hudson (math) will orient students to the course, distribute the texts, and begin the math review with the verbal review following the break. The classes will always end promptly at 9:00 pm.

What is the content of the course?
The content of the course involves review of concepts already presented in school which are relevant to questions found on the SAT and ACT. It also involves familiarizing students with the format of these tests and teaching strategies for maximizing one’s skills in addressing questions and working effectively with time allotments. Every class will involve presentation of concepts, taking a practice test section, and immediately reviewing answers.

Will homework be assigned?
An additional test section will be assigned as homework to provide practice for the skills being introduced. Research has demonstrated that taking practice tests and reviewing one’s answers right away increases scores.

What if a student has to miss a class?
If a student has to miss a class due to illness, travel plans, or a schedule conflict, please let Mr. Hudson know by email as soon as possible at [email protected].  He or Mr. Bekar will respond by email with information about what is covered in the missed class and page numbers for the practice and homework assignments in the workbooks. The SAT and ACT texts contain all content covered in class or assigned as homework as well as much additional material for those who are motivated to do extra work. Both instructors are available during the class break to deal with questions or to make arrangements for a telephone conference with the student at a later time.

How do I register for the SAT and ACT?
Register for the SAT at www.collegeboard.com and for the ACT at www.act.org.  Your high school will automatically register all juniors to take the PSAT in mid-October.