Career Direction

Lynn Hamby, who has over twenty years of experience as a Licensed Consultant for the Highlands Ability Battery, offers career guidance to students beginning the transition to college and career, adults seeking to achieve greater satisfaction at work, and individuals seeking a meaningful retirement.

The Highlands Ability Battery is the gold standard among assessment tools measuring individual abilities. Based on more than seventy years of research, this assessment yields a comprehensive online report which is designed to articulate the individual’s key pattern of innate strengths. The report also includes the Online Career Exploration Supplement which quickly enables the individual to research specific careers and specialties through the Occupational Network.

The personalized consultation with Lynn is designed to integrate the information from the report into the decision at hand, whether it be choosing a college major, a graduate school program, a career enhancement or change, or planning for a creative retirement. Lynn conducts an initial interview with the client in order to be aware of career history or goals for the future and to provide directions for taking the battery online. The report consultation is online and Lynn provides a two-hour telephone conference to explain the report and respond to any questions. The cost of the process is $500.00.

For additional information, contact [email protected]