About Us

As professional counselors and a married couple, John and Lynn founded Hamby Associates in 1990. Both had worked at the Ecumenical Center for Religion and Health for many years, John as the Director of Counseling Services and Lynn as a staff counselor and trainer.

As John’s interests expanded into the business world and the specific arena of consulting with corporate executives and boards of directors, Lynn’s expanded into the area of educational and career direction. Envisioning how helpful the insights of the behavioral sciences could be if applied to work, family, educational, and career settings, we decided to form our own professional firm focusing on those four specific areas. 

Our logo, the windrose, was given to us by Lynn’s father. During his life he acquired an extensive antique nautical and map collection, reflecting his enthusiasm for sailing. The windrose often appears on old maps and was an ancient navigational device used by 15th century mariners and map makers to chart the direction, velocity, and constancy of the prevailing winds at a particular place. Later, used with a compass, it enabled explorers to navigate and chart the remainder of the unknown world.

Our mission is to offer meaningful and effective guidance to organizations experiencing the winds of change and to help individuals and families navigate the intricacies of personal, educational, or career transitions.

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